DNA-lab day 2017

We host a DNA-lab day for high school teachers in the Reehorst, Ede (Dutch only) together with other mobile DNA labs. During the day teachers can learn about new developments in DNA technology. Teachers can also learn about and participate in workshops and practicals developed for high school students.

Keynote speakers are:

stand dna labs

- Ilse van Hensbeek (Senior Manager Medical Development | Amgen)

Unlocking the potential of biology for patients

-  Prof. Dr. Mathieu Noteborn (Universiteit Leiden)

Binnen EN buiten de cel telt


CGC provides two workshops. One workshop is about our mobile DNA lab 'Language of a tumor'. The second is a newly developed workshop entitled 'Genetic tests via 23andme.com'. More information abouyt the DNA-lab day is available here


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