at Science in the city

CGC's Mobile DNA-lab (Reizend DNA-lab) will be at the Domplein in a gigantic tent with several cool experiments from 1-5 pm. 


The experiments are fun for kids and adults:

- Isolate your own DNA and take it home in a simple epp-necklaceIsolate your own DNA

- Find out whether sunscreen really works
- Build your personal DNA-strand using candy as building stones
- Create colour explosions and learn how to use a pipet (ahum, like you need a lesson. See the picture for the cool effects though!)

Apart from the experiments there will be mini-lectures starting at 3pm and 4pm at the Winkel van Sinkel (balzaal). The lectures are in Dutch:
De lezingenreeks heet 'Klopt dat eigenlijk wel?' en gaat in op medische mythes en misverstanden. De sprekers zijn:
- Dr. Madelon Maurice: Stamcellen-crèmes
- Prof. Edwin Cuppen: Voorspellende waarde van DNA-testen
- Dr. Annelien Bredenoord: Designer-baby’s
- Dr. ir. Marc van Mil : Gouden pil tegen kanker

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